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Night Prayer

Thursday, 26 November 2020 21:00 - 21:30

During lockdown 2.0 we are joining in with the wider church to specifically pray and fast (if you are able) on Thursdays.

We will continue to meet on Monday and Thursday mornings at 8.30am and have added this short evening prayer for Thursday evening.

During this half hour we will use some simple night prayer liturgy, we will pray specifically for our community and nation through this second lockdown and we will use a short meditation to conclude the day.

Here is the Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 846 9718 6299

A note of fasting

Fasting is the discipline of putting something down, or abstaining from something (typically food) in order to make more space for prayer and intimacy with God. Fasting doesn't earn us access into God's presence, rather it seeks to help us angle our hearts towards God in a particular way. So, you may chose to fast food and during the times you would usually be eating (or feel a rumble in your stomach), you may chose to pause and pray.

It's important to say that, for many reasons, it may not be appropriate for you to fast a meal- but you may chose to fast other things (chocolate, snacks, social media, TV, etc)

Whether you choose to fast or not, everyone is welcome to join us for Night Prayer.